How To Avoid A Recruitment Nightmare

English: Original Kitchener World War I Recrui...

English: Original Kitchener World War I Recruitment poster. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Recruitment is expensive both in terms of management time and costs.  There are two key areas of risk for businesses, which are recruiting the wrong person and facing the prospect of a claim from a disgruntled unsuccessful candidate.


Employers need a vigorous process to find any lies in someone’s CV, avoid any claims and selecting the best candidate possible.


When an employer receives a curriculum vitae, how can they be entirely sure that everything they are reading is the truth?  A slight change on a CV can make you go from being a possible candidate to suddenly being the star candidate, the number one pick for the job.


Anything can be altered from exam grades being higher or working experience being more relevant to the job you are applying for, so due diligence needs to be administered.


There are some tips that we can give you so that you are not letting a ‘fox into your chicken run’ – we will talk you through them here.


– Use an application form, as well as seeing CV’s. An application form makes it that bit more difficult to hide any gaps in employment and gives a better detail of the applicant.


– Ensure you are thoroughly clear in the detailing of what the job requirements are.  For example, asking for a ‘thought leader’ might mean something to someone already working in that industry, whereas it could mean something completely different to another with no relevant experience.


– Someone carrying out an interview should receive training in it.  Interviewing a person is a skill that not everyone has.


– Ask technical questions during an interview.  This will show you whether the candidate has any experience or whether they may have lied in the process of applying for the role.


– Asking the same questions in each interview gives consistency in approach towards each and every potential employee.


– Take thorough and professional interview notes, in case of a claim being made then you have evidence to back you up.


– If you use equality monitoring forms, make sure these are not provided to those who are  carrying out the interview process.  This way there is no argument of prejudice if a candidate is not taken forward to the next stage.


Any nightmares, when monumental enough or added up over time, can prove to be catastrophic.  There are tons of companies all over the globe that make mistakes in recruitment that costs them their reputation and contracts every year.


A simple task of hiring a person to fill an opening is not as easy as it sounds.  It requires a lot of knowledge, regardless of if the job opening is for facilities management or for chef recruitment agencies, as well as understanding people.



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